Right Side Headache is your worst enemy, Want to defeat it|Cause|Treatment

right Side Headache

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Today we will discuss meaning of Right Side Headache, their symptoms, and cause. We will also share some natural methods to cure it.
In fact, many of our readers used these techniques to cure one side headache and enjoying a healthy life.

  • We will also discuss why Right side headache occurs and how to overcome it.

Headache is absolutely worst to withstand. Experience pain on the one side of the head (right, left or backside) refers to One side Headache.

if you want to deal with this type of headache

then firstly you will have to know it’s type. By knowing exactly we can easily describe it’s pain and affected area.


  Interesting Facts According to WHO

  • Approx 50% of adults worldwide are affected by headache

  • stress is the main cause of headache in most cases

  • 70% of all people with migraine are female.

The main cause of Right side Headache pain

There are many reasons for headache on right side, some of these are:-

  • There may be some change in the vision of your eye.

  • Also due to daily stress life

  • Due to very little sleeping.

  • There may be some blood vessel issues.

  • It may be also due to some past injuries.

Types of Primary Headache

There are mainly three types of headache that caus pain on the right side are:-

  • Tension Headache

  • Migraine

  • Cluster Headache

Tension Headache

tension headache

A 75% headache is a tension headache. It is a very common type of headache. In most cases, the main cause is daily life stress or workload.

It is due to the contraction of the skull covering muscle. They become inflamed when stressed as a result, causing pain.

Some physician also says that tension headache occurs because of physical stress head muscle ( physical stress include workload, doing manual labor for a long time or concentrating for long period toward computer/mobile ).

According to some physician Emotion also plays a very important role in tension headaches. Sad emotion causing the skull to contract.



  • Tightness in the shoulders and neck muscles.

  • Right side headache and eye pain.

  • Pain starts from behind the eyes and covers the forehead ( some time backside of the head ) after some time.

  • The pain in tension headache is mild to moderate level.

  • With a headache, you can also vomit.




Migraine occurs due to specific changes within the brain. It is a genetic problem. About 75- 80 % of migraine suffering people reported that their family members also suffered from these headaches. 

Migraine may occur at any stage of age at childhood or at adulthood. The pain of migraine starts with light pain, if not treated will become serious.

After the migraine attack, it is noticed that there is a change in the mood & felling of the person. migraine occurs on the right side of the head but sometimes it shifts to the left.

Migraine attack lasts for 4 hours, if not proper treatment is taken then it may last long as 72 hours.

Migraine is a non-curable disease but it can be managed and control with proper meditation.


  • Due to right side headache pain you will feel fatigued with the low energy level.

  • Right side headache above the ear.

  • Your neck muscle will get stiff and feel difficult to move/rotate.

  • Face difficulty in speaking clearly.

  • Right side headache and neck pain.

  • You lose your eye vision temporarily or reduce to a level.

  • You will notice there is an increase in sensitivity towards light and sound.


Cluster Headache

cluster headache

Cluster headache is a painful headache. There is a cycle of headache attack which may range from one to several headaches per day.

It occurs at any age but most commonly finds in the middle age range. Cluster headache is mostly reported in men than in women.

Cluster headache pain occurs on the right side of the head and spread to the forehead, teeth, neck, and shoulder on the same side.

Cluster headache pain caused by the widening of blood vessels that carry blood to face and Brain. Hypothalamus a small part of the brain which regulates body temperature, blood pressure, and releases hormones, may be responsible for cluster headache.

According to some Physician cluster headache may be caused by the sudden release of chemical Histamin which responsible for mood regulation.



  • Swelling under or around the one or both eyes.

  • Facial redness and flushing

  • Watery eyes with redness.

  • Pale or flushed body skin.

  • Headache in the middle of the head.

Tips for quick relief from Right Side Head Headache

  • Apply a cold or warm compress to the backside of the neck.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

  • Take a warm bath or shower to avoid stiffness of the body.

  • Doing some breathing exercises to reduce headache pain.

  • Moving away from the loud sound and bright light area to a dark and silent room. 

  • Massage muscle of neck and shoulder which gets stiffed.

  • Taking some OTC painkillers, but avoid taking an access amount of painkillers.

  • Try to keep the mind relaxed, don’t think so much or take tension.

  • Avoid food which increases headaches, like alcohol, caffeine and cheese things.


When to see a doctor

when to see doctor

If you have seen a change in the pattern of your headache with blurry vision and fever. Then there is a need to consult a doctor.

Also, consult a doctor about these 

  • Headache pattern

  • Time interval of a headache

  • A time gap of two Headache occurs

  • Head area which pain covers during headache.


Permanent Tips to control Right Side Headache

Yoga for headache

Right side headache is controlled for some time using painkillers but it can be cured permanently using Yoga.

Some main yoga that directly benefits in curing right side headache & neck pain are:-

  1. Chakravakasana:- it is also known as the cat-cow stretch position. It improves the circulation in the disk. It removes the stress from the backside of the neck and reduces pain in the neck and head.

  2. Ustrasana:-  It is also known as Camel pose. It gives a nice stretch to stomach and thighs providing strength to back to reduce headache pain.

  3.  Sarvangasana:- It is also called shoulder stand position. In this asana, the neck gets the lock and blood flow to the head gets reduced. It helps in controlling headaches. Click to read more…


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