7+ Unbelievable benefits of Basil Seeds

Today i'm going to show you 7+ amazing benefits of basil seeds or Sabja seeds which we can use in our daily life. These methods are 100% natural & doesn't have any side effect if you take in proper way.
In fact many of our readers used these techniques and enjoying a healthy life.

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Basil seeds are very useful and provide great benefits to our body. It is rich in protein and very low Carbs ingredients which, makes it a rere vegetarian ingredient with this combination.

They are also Called sabja seeds and Tulsi Seeds. These seeds are used to treat many body disorder, migraine, cough, and fever

They are also used to cure respiratory disorder, blood-related disorder, and kidney-related disorder.

They can be used daily as breakfast which help in Weight management.

2 tablespoon of tulsi seeds contains 11g of Protein, 5g of Carbs and 42 calories.

Basil Seeds Nutrition value for 2 Tablespoop

How To Use basil Seeds

There are many ways to use basil seeds some of these are

  • Soak the Seeds in warm water before taking for 10-15 Min.

  • Take it as your Breakfast and drink the water in which they are soaked.

  • You can also use it with Sherbats and  Fluda.


    * Always use soaked seeds

1. Helps in Weight Lose

Basil seeds are very useful in reducing weight. As this is a magic ingredient to lose weight. They are very healthy for our body.

They are low in carbs and rich in Protein ingredients. It is a rare vegetarian, which is a good combination of low carbs and high protein. 

  • They make your stomach fuller for a longer time.

  • They contain high-level Omega-3 Fatty acid fat-burning metabolism in our body.

weight loss

2. Help in controlling Cholesterol Level

cholestrol level

Many studies have shown that Shocked Basil seeds which directly reduce the Bad cholesterol level in our body.

Which means there is lower risk of plank deposit in the blood vessels and Arteries. 

They contain some soluble fibers which help to Eliminate Cholesterol.

  • This Reduces the Pressure on heart hence, there is less chance of Heart Attack and Stroke.

  • It makes our Blood Arteries and Vessels clean by eliminating the deposited Cholesterol.

3. For Cough And Flue

cough and flue

Basil seeds benefit Cough and Cold. cough can be easily cured by the use of these seeds. They have antispasmodic drugs effect which  improves Cold and Flue

It helps in Respiratory diseases and provides strength to our body to maintain Respiratory disorder.

  • Asthma also can be easily cured by regular use of these seeds.

  • They also provide a great benefit to Mouth ulcers.

  • They have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which protect us from many oral problems.

4. Provide relief in Constipation


Basil seeds are used to get relief in Constipation because of it’s emollient properties. The seeds when socked for 10 – 15 min a mucilaginous gel around the seeds and this work as a natural detox.

They are laxative in nature with high Fiber. Sabja seeds help in Smooth bowel movement with relieving in Gas from the Gastrointestinal tract. 

  • Take One tablespoon of sabja seeds in a glass of milk and take it before going to bed.

  • This also help in getting relief from Diarrhea or dysentery.

5. For Reducing Stress

reduce stress

Many studies show that basil seeds are rich source of antioxidant that helps in reducing the nervous degenerative diseases. This provide our mind a boost to conquer over daily stress.

Regular intake of these seeds provides an extreme benefit to people suffering from problem-related to Headache.

  • A glass of water filled with tulsi seeds can easily control your increasing stress level.

  • It is a very quick relief solution to control over daily stress.

  • regular intake of sabja seeds can reduce depression & stress hormones and makes your mood happy.


6. Help In Controlling Blood Sugar

Blood sugar

There are many studies which shows that Basil Seeds helps in maintaining blood sugar level in our body. A dietary fiber present in the Sabja Seeds maintains blood sugar levels.

Regular intake of sabja seeds slows down the metabolism activity. It regulates the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose.

The gel formed around the seeds reduces the speed of digestive enzyme which lead to a slow breakdown of Carbohydrates in the diet.

  • A glass of milk adds some soaked seeds in the morning as breakfast.

  • Everyday drinking in the morning improve your Insulin sensitivity the whole day.

7. Provide Relief in Acidity and Heartburn


Sabja seeds have diuretic properties that flush out the toxic acid from our stomach. it did by cleansing the kidney. It provides quick relief to heartburn and acidity by neutralizing the stomach.

These seeds act as a coolant to our body. They absorb the water and hydrates our body. they reduce the stomach acid and help in reducing Gastric erosion.

  • Basil Seeds reduce gastric damage in our intestine.

  • They neutralize the acid which is highly produced in our Stomach.

  • Gastric ulcers caused by acid reflux can be easily cured with soaked seeds.

8. Healthy Hair

healthy hair

According to Healthline Tulsi seeds are full of Vitamins and Minerals. They contain iron, vitamin K and protein which are essential for hair growth. They provide strength and richness to our hair. Protein and iron in these seeds promote hair growth.

Eating tulsi seeds regularly provides a great benefit to our hair. The density of the hair also get increases by regular usage.

  • It provides strength to our hair.

  • They also helps in hair growth

  • It makes our hair strong and provides richness.


Dose for Daily Health Benefits

Basil seeds are very hard to chew. They can’t be taken directly because of its hardness.

Add 1 tablespoon of seeds into a glass of warm water. They soak water and form a get after some time. Wait until they become a gel-like substance.

  • Now consume the mixture of water and gel directly.

  • Add a   tablespoon of gel to your water bottle for whole day drinking.

  • If you want to make tastier than consume it with yogurt and fresh fruits.

  • You can also consume these gel by mixing it into Lemon water on a daily basis.



  • Basil seeds must be consumed after soaked into water.

  • Don’t take seeds without soaked because they swell in the mouth even.

  • Not suggested for pregnant ladies, they should concern their doctor before using these.

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